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Valon Väläys, puhtaan valon asiakaslehti
Editor-in-chief:  Ilkka Pekanheimo
ISSN 1795-8512  
Nr 12, 2016

Valon väläys puhtaan valon verkkolehti nro 12, 1 / 2016.


The T5 & T8 have a market-leading 150lm/w net efficiency and last 5 times longer than classic fluorescent lighting.

For the first time you can see this unique led tube at Light & Building fair in Frankfurt am Main at 13.-18.3.2016. 

The longer lifespan of the lighting results in a return on investment in just 1 to 2 years on average, with an expected financial saving of 60%, when compared with traditional fluorescent lights. The unique technology allows them to replace classic fluorescent lights without requiring the change of any electronic components, like rewiring or taking out ballasts, so no electrician is need. Installation simply requires for the existing bulb to be unscrewed and to be replaced with the new LED tube.

To illustrate the huge saving, there is some cooperation between the T5 & T8: the T5 80 can be replace with a 34W LED and the T8 58W with a 20W.

Achieves the aims for both the CFO & FM

The technology achieves the aims for both Chief Financial Officers and Facility Managers by helping to improve light quality, diminishing maintenance requirements and resulting in financial savings that allow for further investment in 5 to 10 years if required.

2016 Light & Building

The technology is being introduced during the 2016 Light & Building show in Germany.

“We have a great network of installation providers and financing options. Our products of of the greatest standard, with the best components and the highest certifications and safety requirements”.

The company is a Hong Kong headquartered company, with offices in Switzerland and Germany. By producing high quality LED lights this company is not only able to reduce costs for their clients over the long term, but also reduce global energy consumption.


Towards human-centric ledlighting


The impact of light on our well-being has made us more aware of the different lighting solutions. By changing the intensity and colour temperature of light we can impact on mental alertness and comfort.

Non-visual effects of light depends critically on the intensity, the duration and the spectral composition of the light. Also the prior light exposure and the timing of the exposure determine the kind and size of the non-visual effects that can be achieved.

Human centric lighting is becoming more common. The new technology updates enable cost effective and user friendly solutions. Human Centric Lighting is the inclusion of visual and non-visual (biological) needs of humans in the design of lighting applications.

The lighting is changing quickly. For the new lighting projects is LED lighting today the best option. LED prices have dropped and the quality is improved.

Lighting can be used to increase the labor productivity, the welfare of the people, comfort and safety. You can also use new technologies to improve energy efficiency.

Light with a high spectral blue component activates and increases the capability for performance and concentration. If this blue component in light decreases, the body relaxes and changes over to a calm phase. Light control offers further positive effects on the human biological rhythm. It is able to improve motivation, the ability to concentrate and therefore productivity as well, and it provides ideal support with intellectual tasks.

The use of Human Centric Lighting is not only suitable for the medical-therapeutic sector, but also for office, school and industrial areas. It is however only competent lighting design that enables the optimal utilisation of the new intelligent lighting solutions.

For the first time, the quantified benefits of Human Centric Lighting have been estimated…

■ Human Centric Lighting is the inclusion of visual and non-visual (biological) needs of humans in the design of lighting applications.

■ Our project aimed at delivering arguments for the use of human centric lighting from a customer perspective and simulated segment-specific economic benefits on micro and macro level.

■ On the micro level (perspective of individual investors, e.g. facility owners):

  • Most significant quantified benefits are realized in industrial segments due to the dominant impact of productivity increases
  • Medical and elderly care segments show less attractive quantified benefits, as most savings cannot be realized by the investor, but by other stakeholders, e.g. insurance companies

■ On the macro level (perspective of the general public, e.g. health insurances):

  • Macro level simulations yield Human Centric Lighting effects for Europe in 2020 of up to € 870 million assuming a realistic market penetration and € 12.8 bn if the 2020 lighting market was fully penetrated by Human Centric Lighting
  • In most segments, benefits for owners and investors dominate
  • However, additional social and public benefits can also justify Human Centric Lighting markups Executive summary … and requires more studies to convert several estimated benefits into scientifically confirmed benefits.

If you have a lighting project for work place or home, I like to help you to get a modern, Human-Centric LED lighting.

Good lighting design meets always the customer’s individual needs. My role is to provide the best solutions. With over 30 years of experience, there are thousands of satisfied customers.

Most of my clients have decided to choose a natural daylight for interior lighting.

Hoever, you can also choose a solution, where you can choose the light colour from e.g. 2700 to 5500 K.

Spectrum is the most important thing to decide the light quality. I prefer 5500 K continuous daylight spectrum, however in the evening you could choose warmer light in order to sleep better.

11 Good daylight spectrum

fluorescent 1 Bad, non-continuous spectrum

Some benefits for human-centric lighting

To promote the safety for the working environment lighting and ergonomics.

The school’s main goal is to get the pupils to learn. So the Human Centric Lighting is very important in schools.

However, most of the schools are illuminated by a traditional, warm, tired light (mostly 3000-4000 K).

It is known that the full spectrum of sunlight increases the read speed of up to 20%, and reduces eye fatigue. So daylight is the best option for schools.

According the newest studies the daily outdoor activities may reduce the need for children’s short-sightedness and eyewear. This article was the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

More information of Human Centric Lighting:

Ilkka Pekanheimo, an independent lighting designer



ValoLight 9.-13.9.2015 in Helsinki, some ideas


The ValoLight lighting event was hold at Fair Center Helsinki, Expo in conjunction with the Habitare fair. In addition to the programme targeted at professionals and the exhibitors’ displays, the ValoLight event offered information on new lighting products and trends, for visitors who are interested in domestic and interior design lighting.

The ValoLight event presents lighting products and solutions for public spaces, general lighting, homes and interiors; light fittings and other sources of light; outdoor lighting products and solutions; and lighting supplies.

IMG_2730 (1)

Beautiful Mistake presents a new series of unique coffee tables. By inviting artist Jan-Erik Andersson to design the tables, Beautiful Mistake is introducing the philosophy and aesthetics of Andersson’s unique ornate world to a worldwide audience. After all, this is the artist who audaciously created a house in the shape of a leaf (Life on a Leaf).
Andersson sees the table as a place – around, over and under – which communication occurs. He believes beautiful and lively design will loosen people up and inspire authentic interaction.



But this is very interesting. The stand has a new, genious and cheap lighting idea. Five daylight led bars with daylight led strip has been installed over the stand. The bright colors of the tables are original and not destroyed by the light as normally. .


Near all lamps at the Light show were LED lamps,  here are some best led lamps.


Better Home had indirect daylight led lamps and light shelves. Very good and modern way of lighting.


These luminaires are fine. I would rather light those with a daylight led lamp. The luminaire would be white.


Innolux has some interesting novelties. The light quality is now near white, for some years ago it was yellow.


Here are typical sauna lights. I recommend to light sauna with pleasant indirect lighting. You should install no lamps to the ceiling. No bright spot led lamps at all.


Moomin lights are always fine and funny.


Modern led luminaires. Good!


Kera Interior has good design.


LED luminaires of KT Interior.


Nice Vita luminaires.


The advice of lighting designer: do not show the lamp through the shade of the luminaire. It may bee too bright as here.


This is something BIG.


New design from Loivu. The touch of nature, made of birch.


Lighting by RGB is according to my opinion an unnecessary trick. There are no studies to show, how the continuously changing color affects to peoples well-beeing. The effect is not undoubtedly positive. The eyes will strain, when they always must adapt to a new color world. Also the color of interior decoration changes all the time.


Food is lighted here with lamps of four different color. Meat gets more red color, bread more yellow color etc. The lighting is unnatural. According my opinion this is cheating the people. Try to light meat and bread with full spectrum daylight. The colors would be excellent, meat is red and it is good looking. This would be the honest way of lighting.


Very bright led luminaire for outdoors, e.g. for harbour lighting.


Pro valo, Pro light. I would say Pro daylight.  Ask more.

Lighting at the Housing fair in Finland 2015


The annual Housing Fair in Vantaa 2015 is the 46th event of its kind. 98% of Finland’s adult population knows the event. Lighting designer Ilkka Pekanheimo has evaluated the lighting of the houses at the Housing fair in Vantaa.  This leaflet tells more about the idea of housing fairs.

It’s amazing to think that even though we spend two-thirds of our time living under artificial lighting, we’re not paying attention to the consequences of this light for our body and mind. Whereas people are concerned about organic food, pure water and clean air, the element by which our very life came into existence – light – is often forgotten.

At the House Fair 2015, there were houses, where all lighting was done by using led lamps. This leads to a new problem in lighting:  led strips are reflecting from the shiny surfaces. Hence, one should choose the type of surface before lighting with led strips. Do not choose black shiny surface to the kitchen if you use led strips. If you choose shiny surfaces, choose indirect lighting.

One problem at the fair were blending lights, unfortunately found in almost all the houses. The colors of the interior were made incorrect by lighting in almost all the houses.

There is no 100 % correct opinion on the lighting. I hope that this evaluation would create discussion and would contribute to make the lighting quality better in homes in Finland and in the whole world.

In my Finnish blog you can see 400 lighting pictures. If you would like to see 6000 home lighting pictures more from Housing fairs 1998 – 2014, contact Ilkka Pekanheimo.

Best lightings

  • House 22, LakkaLaine.  Excellent indirect solutions, only a few glaring luminaires. The color rendering index of the lamps was not good.  The color temperature is too low.
  • House  26, Villa Kapee.Excellent indirect solutions, only a few glaring luminaires. The color rendering index of the lamps was not good.   The color temperature is too low.
  • House 29, Villa Chili.    Excellent indirect solutions. The color rendering index of the lamps was excellent.  The light was pure white, the color temperature was 5000 – 5500 K. Beautiful colors, no glaring. In utility room you can see comparison of light: red chili in the right box is lighted with 5500 K light and in the left box with 2900 K light.  You can see also the difference in the color of the flower. The difference is amazing.

In fact, Villa Chili is the only house at housing fair, which is lighted with 5500 K daylight. If I would evaluate only the light quality, lacking of glaring, and the correct colors of interior design, Villa Chili would be the winner.

Some good and bad examples from the fair






















Lighting ideas, which are suitable with T5 LED tubes


Since the origin of life, the light has guided us, our activities and our biological clock. We feel the best in the natural light outdoors, where intensity and color changes all the time. With dynamic light we can create better lighting with people in focus.

Lighting affects how we see our surroundings. Dynamic lighting for the future houses goes further, affecting impacting how we think and feel too.

The fact that blue light activate and warm light calms, in increasing substantiated, it is all about imitating the natural light and its variation that has controlled our biological clock since the origin of life.

Where do we apply solutions with color temperature control? The answer is: in any room with limited access to daylight or rooms where for any other reason want to be able to vary the color temperature.

Our preference for color temperature isn’t static, sometimes we want a cold, activating light, sometimes warm, relaxing light.

The biological clock, also called the circadian rhythm and plays an important role in regulating wakefulness and sleep. If we can help that clock, we can help people feel better. By designing good lighting systems, lighting can help increase concentration and motivation and to improve subjective and objective well-being.

The ideal is simply to imitate natural light, both in level and color during the day. Cold, intense light with a high blue is activating, warm dimmed light is relaxing.

Why daylight also inside the house? Lighting in home and work environment has the past decades been monotonously warm, yellowish and not showing colors correctly. A question arises: why? You have to try it to believe. We recommend you to test before moving to daylight because of the big difference from traditional lighting. Lighting and colors are a big part of the whole of living. They have an affect on functionality and comfort but also on atmosphere.

Goals of good lighting design human and eyefriendly lighting non-glaring result child- and firesafe lighting lighting that helps your seeing also with older eyes colours of interior are shown as they are overall economic and energy saving solution isn´t harmful to climate change

In the evening light could be warm-toned, ”more ambient” light, especially if light is not needed e.g. for reading. Finally you can turn off the lamps and light candles. Many people become so fond of daylight type light, that they want to have it all day long, also in the evening.


Our preference for colour temperature isn’t static, sometimes we want a cold, activating light, others a warm relaxing one. Our preferences for light can also differ with age; the young are inclined towards a colder light while as we get older this changes to warm.

Lighting with modern led tubes is not expensive. This is because no luminaire is needed. Only lamp holder and wire to each end of the tube. The wire will be connected to 230 V and no ballasts are needed.


Here are some examples of different rooms, where led tubes could be used.


Correct place of led strip under the cabin. in the front side of the cabin, the light should go to the direction of back wall.

Correct place of led lamp under the cabin is in the front side of the cabin, the light should go to the direction of back wall.  In this picture led strip is used but led tube is more economical.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a kitchen hood is to get enough light on the stove. The lamp should not glare from the stove, which is normal with led or halogen spots. Better solution is led tubes, 600 mm.


Excellent lighting of stairs, led strip.

Excellent lighting of stairs, T5 led tube.


Just get one wooden panel away and put opal plastic (3mm, 72 %) instead of it. And led tubes in 5 cm distance of the plastic panel. No other light is needed in the whole room.

Indirect lighing. Unfortunately the yellow color of the lighting destroys the colours of interior decorating..

Indirect lighting


Lighting with daylight led tubes. You could install on the other side also 3000 – 4000 K led tubes and put light there on the evenigs.

Good indirect lighting, but with daylight led strips you could get it even better.

Good indirect lighting, but with daylight led lamps you could get it even better. You can use 1-2 warm tone led tube ans use them only in the evening.

Wooden panel with led strips. Use full spectrum leds, 5500 K, it shows also the wood color original, not yellow like here.

Wooden panel with led lamp. Use full spectrum leds, 5500 K, it shows also the wood color original. You can use this solution in every room.

Valoa voisi olla hieman enemmänkin. (7)

Päivänvalovalaistusta voidaan himmentää.


Led tubes are  good solution here. You get indirect light.

Light Symposium in Stockholm


valo15lighting designer

It’s amazing to think that even though we spend two-thirds of our time living under artificial lighting, we’re not paying attention to the consequences for our body and mind. Whereas people are concerned about organic food, pure water and clean air, the element by which our very life came into existence – light – is often forgotten. And most important is the light quality.

The Light Symposium was held during the International Year of Light 2015 Mach 19-20. The objective of the Lighting Symposium 2015 was to be part of and contribute to the International Year of Light. The purpose was  to increase the level of the discussions and general knowledge in the field of Architectural Lighting Design.

Many participants prefer daylight and are bringing daylight from windows inside to the room. However, what about, when the evening comes? Many have not thought that they could simulate daylight inside the room at daytime. They accept the normal  warm light, e.g. 2700 K, which destroys the colors and makes the reading speed slower.  Some have tried 6500 K light and have been disappointed. Please test 5500 K daylight, which has high CRI, 93 – 95. You do not find any difference between the natural daylight. I prefer blue light the morning (e.g. with Litebook or other light therapy box) and 2700 K late in the evening.  A tiny orange/red light, when you go to the WC at night, does not affect the melatonin production.

Here are some interesting lighting links:

The benefits of the newist LED tubes

  1. The risk for fire accidents by old magnetic ballasts will be eliminated.
  2. There is no 50 Hz flickering, like fluorescent lamps, The flickering causes stress and eye strain and head ache. LED tubes have direct current.
  3. You save a lot of energy.
  4. The payback time is  short, e.g. 2 years.
  5. Led  tube is very long lasting.
  6. If old luminaires are still good looking, you have not to buy new luminaires. You could take the gridiron away and replace it with opal plastic and the luminaire looks nicer.
  7. You replace only the fluorescent tube with led tube and replace the starter. If the luminaire has electronic ballast, no starter is needed, if you uses the high quality led tubes.
  8. The light quality of the best led tubes is good, 5500K,  CRI 95. It you have just bought normal led  tubes with 3000 – 4000 K,  you should replace them with daylight tubes. After that you can see better, read faster and see the colors ecactly.
  9. Led tubes saves the nature.
  10. The indirect lighting of the room will be cheaper with led tubes than with led strip. Use T5-tubes.

More information:



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